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As a pet owner and lover myself I understand the psychology and catch 22 behind loving our animals and protecting our property as well. Like humans pets are not perfect and can have accidents. Even the most well-mannered pet can leak a little when they experience illness, or excitement. We offer different levels of pet damage treatment depending on what your  needs are.  We can come in your home with a black light to reveal troubled areas. Once these areas have been identified we will consult with you on how to better move forward.


There are different levels of pet damage treatment depending what your experiencing.  It is important to note that pet damage treatment is not a cure all.  It is simply a treatment.  Carpet Cleaning Snellville will make it better, but the only way to permanently get rid of pet damage is to replace the carpet, and treat the sub floor.

Surface Cleaning involves treating saturated areas with enzymes and deodorizers designed specifically to break down organic waste such as urine, vomit and feces.  Once the areas are sprayed down generously we will allow the chemicals to have some dwell time in order to work  more effectively. Now once we feel like the enzymes have done their job,  we will proceed to rinse and extract those areas.

Sub-Extraction– is the next level up for pet treatment. It involves penetrating the carpet fibers, pad, and subfloor to remove even more organic waste that is hiding beneath.

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