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Why Us?

Safeguard your investment! Hardwood floors get dirty and dull after some time the same as carpet does . Many people appreciate the importance of having your carpet professionally cleaned on a frequent basis but the same applies to your hardwood floor surfaces .


Thorough Carpet Cleaning has a unique wood floor cleaning technique to enrich the appearance of your hardwood surfaces and maximize the lifetime of your floors finish.


Our method involves a dust free technology which is safe and effective on all wood floors . Our method does not consist of the conventional sanding , this really is advantageous because there is not any mess and the job can be complete in only a few hours.

Revive the appearance of your hardwood flooring. We can clean laminate or natural hardwood. Foot traffic, natural wear or over saturation of cleaning products takes a toll and can dull the overall appearance of your flooring.  


Leave it to the professionals to bring life back into your hardwood flooring.

Restores Filthy Carpets

Stays Cleaner Longer

Spots Won't Wick Back

Cost Effective

24/7 Services

Friendly & Professional

Great Customer Service

Free Quotes

No Hidden Charges


Call today for your free estimate!


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